CF10.2 digital audio processor

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CF10.2 3 input channels and 6 output channels.
Highly live digital echo effect;
Adopt high-performance 24 bit analog converter;
Each output channel is equipped with 6 parametric equalizers;
Each output channel has a voltage limiter;
Each output channel has multiple mode filters;
The polarity of each output channel can be switched;
Input and output channels can delay separately;
It can store 60 applications;
Three levels of security settings, with maximum application flexibility;
Parameters can be controlled and modified through computer software;
Parameter units can be changed.



Apply to Various performance activities, music halls, theaters, auditoriums, multifunctional halls, bars, etc


Response frequency: 20Hz ÷ 20KHz
100dB dynamic range Unweighted 107dB weight
Input connection: 3 XLR; 1 XLR RTA
microphone input-Connector output: 6 XLR
Input impedance: 40 kOhms
Output impedance: 120 ohms
Maximum input level: 34dBu, 30 bit jumper input
Maximum power level: 22dBu
Rate: 48kHz sample
RTA microphone phantom voltage: 15 volts
Cross talk (output): 100dB
THD noise: 4 dBu, typical 0.002% at 1kHz, with an increase of 0dB input