MR-198 wireless microphone

辰风音响 2024-01-24 20:25 定制产品



1: A brand new audio circuit architecture, with delicate high pitched sounds and strong mid to low frequencies, particularly with perfect expressive power in sound details. 
2: Super strong dynamic tracking ability allows for easy retrieval and playback of sound in close/far range.
3: The brand new concept of digital pilot technology completely solves the phenomenon of wireless microphone cross talk, effectively preventing cross talk. 
4: Equipped with automatic search for clean frequency points, avoiding interference and facilitating installation.
5: Equipped with infrared frequency matching function, it can quickly synchronize the microphone to the working channel of the receiver. 
6: The output volume can be freely adjusted to adapt to more occasions.
7: 100 * 2 UHF frequency band channels, interchangeable microphones.
8: The specially designed mute circuit effectively eliminates the impact noise caused by microphone opening and closing. 
9: The microphone uses an easy to purchase No. 5 battery, which can last for 6-10 hours.
10: The microphone adopts a unique boost design, and a decrease in battery power does not affect the overall performance of the hand microphone. 
11: The transmitter and receiver are equipped with LCD display, providing real-time feedback on the system's working status. 
12: All metal receiver transmitter with anti-collision elastic steel mesh appearance design.
13: Equipped with adjustable transmission power and a handheld high and low power selection switch, the effective operating radius can be selected according to the actual usage environment.



TQ series apply to conferences, KTVs.


System specifications
Frequency range: 640-690MHz 
Total number of channels: 200
Effective usage distance ≈ 50m 
Frequency interval: 250KHz 
Frequency width: 50MHz
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis
Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 50dB 
Frequency stability: 10PPM
Receiving method: CPU controlled signal selection pilot recognition receiving 
Mute method: Mute&Lock Loop Circuit 
Display method: LCD
Power supply: 12VDC, 800 mA
Audio output interface: 2XLR Balanced Socket Unbalance TRS6.3mm Socket
Frequency range: 640-690MHz
Total number of channels: 200CH
Frequency interval: 250KHz
Frequency width: 50MHz
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL
Handheld power: ≤ 30mW
Transmission method: CPU controlled carrier generation
pilot identification code generation
Frequency stability: 10PPM
Display method: LCD+multi color backlight screen
Head type: dynamic coil
Level 2 power: high, low
Energy: AA 1.5 x 2
Battery capacity: 48 hours
Frequency deviation: b ± 0.005%
Sensitivity: ≥ -107dbm
The kit includes: transmitter+2 hand miniature+adapter+4 AA batteries
+4 antenna+6mm connector+anti rolling+HDSD book