VD-6200 Conference microphones

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1. UHF communication: 500MHz to 900MHz.
2. The transportation channel is unique, with IDE, capability, capability, capability, capability, capability, capability, capability, capability.
3. The combination of PLL numbers and the path of intelligent numbers can create high.
4. Ability to operate first, ability to operate first.
5. Make your own decision first, make your own decision first
6. High music is really good, the sound is really good, and the music is as good as 30-50CM
7. The host adopts four independent LCD screens, with a unit LCD white light display screen that can dynamically display system signals, volume,channels, and frequency point values;
8. Two rubber receiving antennas are installed on the back of the receiver to enhance the received signal, with a generous and appropriate appearance.
9. Adopting professional audio compression and expansion technology, it has low noise, small tail notes, and a larger dynamic range.
10. At the same time, the five constables can hold the same cylinder, hold the same hand in one cylinder, hold the same hand in one cylinder, hold the same hand in one cylinder, and hold the same hand in one cylinder.
11.The flexible gooseneck style microphone design can be adjusted 360 ° in all directions, the microphone light ring indicates the speaking status.
12. Equipped with four independent XLR outputs and one 6.35mm hybrid output, it facilitates independent audio recording and storage throughout the conference, adapting to different device connection requirements.
13. Super strong anti-interference ability can effectively suppress external noise interference and co frequency interference.
14. Adopting three-level anti-static and lightning protection technology, it can resist 8000V static electricity
15. Usage distance: 80-100 meters in open environments, 50-80 meters in complex environments.
16. Optional built-in feedback suppressor module with independent sensitivity adjustment function, which can humanize the system output signal and improve the pickup distance;



TQ series apply to conferences, KTVs.


Wireless gooseneck microphone
Working frequency: 500MHz~900MHz
Frequency response: 50Hz to 15KHZ
Working distance: 60 meters
Power supply: 12VDC adapter and 1.5V AA battery